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Since February 2018 Australian Health Journal has released episodes through social media channels. The Australian health care industry and those interested in developments in the field, now have a regular health news social media channel.

Australian Health Journal (AHJ) broadcasts bi-monthly shows that cover advancements in research, medicine, personal/assisted care, medical devices and specialist services.

We encourage healthcare providers to get in touch with new developments associated with their organisation that would be of interest to other healthcare providers and those keeping abreast of developments. These include other media outlets, students and heads of households.

Each segment is 7-8 minutes in length and appears in the monthly show, with a headline segment included in a PR campaign for the episode. Each segment is available for the content provider to circulate through their marketing and social media channels.

AHJ is filmed and produced in Australia by Know My Health, in collaboration with Global Executive Producer and co-founder, Mike Lesner. Each month, headline news stories are followed by 3 extended segments on new developments in health care.

"Today, I produce American Health Journal for PBS. America's longest running health program with well over 117 million viewers. It's a timely and logical extension to co-create Australian Health Journal and we are excited to begin!"

Michael Lesner
Global Executive Producer and Co-Founder

"Better health outcomes are possible in Australia now, more than ever. We are not restricted by TV networks nor payment gateways to broadcast the news from the industry. With AHJ we can make real progress in broadcasting health care news."

Hardeep Girn
Executive Producer and Co-Founder

Dr Ann-Maree Kurzydlo, Host

Helen Sweeney, Presenter

Kaitlin Poole, Presenter

Anne Dao, Reporter

Let us know if have news worthy and topical content to share with our audience.