Why most healthcare companies are poor at marketing themselves

As the need for healthcare in the community continues to rise, so too is the effort needed to deliver the range of services that make your organisation unique. Sometimes that message of who you are, what have you have already done  and what you deliver is not constructed in a way that others can get a full picture. As more demand increases, so too do more choice and competition for clients. Unless you set yourself up to tell you full proposition  including your story and uniqueness, your organisation will fail to attract new customers seeking your services.

Our Dial Up Value Proposition service is an engagement for 1 year with 5 reviews that take place by phone every quarter (3 months). At the start of each quarter by phone, we review initially your background, and regularly your unique selling points, services, target segment of business, pricing for your services (Discount, At Market or Premium) and also the key channels for your messaging. Our marketing team is able to help you with an independent assessment and business review that allows you to deliver focused products and services to the marketplace.

Introducing the Dial Up Value Proposition

Call a free phone number for up to 30 minutes every quarter to allow us to interview you, on you and your business. In return and within the hour you receive a 1 page PDF value proposition and target segments report

Having an external party like Know My Health consider your business positioning gives a very different perspective and one that gives more ways to market your offering

Have a better approach to targeting that clearly identifies the segment you want your business to operate in, or pick up further business.

Spending just 30 minutes on the phone each quarter with our marketing specialists gets you and your organisation  better positioned for opportunity. After the call,  a value proposition document is delivered within 1 hour. This document been found to be invaluable for businesses to use when needing to be clear, concise and able to define their value proposition to the marketplace.

How It Works

Every 3 months a Know My Health marketing specialist will spend  30 mins on the phone and subsequent 30 mins preparing a 1 page PDF report to position yourself and your business for opportunity.


$1200+gst for a 1 year subscription entitling you to a 1 hour review every 3 months (total of 5).


We conduct interviews by phone on an agreed date and time. This is by way of a dial in conference call number local to you.

Changing review times

We are able to move review times by request

Get your own proposition reviewed and target your messaging

4 easy steps to signing up

  1. Complete the Dial Up Value Proposition company form
  2. Choose the date and time of the first review
  3. Make payment for the 1 year plan by credit card
  4. Receive details on payment and the confirmed appointment

Subsequent quarterly reviews are sent as email reminders to you to book the next session. There are 4 other reviews – start of Q2-Q4 and the final at the end of 12 months.