Through our programs in health care and corporate social responsibility we are able to help health departments and foundations capture stories from a number of perspectives.

Engagement with us commences with an informal chat with our Executive Producer. We help to expand and dig deeper into the prevailing story and also the other angles which interest an audience through our programs. The choice to have segments produced across the other programs is a joint decision that also considers timings for production and release.

For each production we work on storyboards where needed as well as a run sheet for every recording. This allows us to track multiple projects easily.

For each recording we also have our own Release and Consent Form. This is from the perspective of ‘consent’ from an individual to allow us to film them and ‘release’ to be able circulate their image in photo or film. We work closely with media teams across organisation, government bodies and take seriously the message within a regulated industry. We also have deep appreciation for the sensitivities and strength of message in certain situations and produce content that is story based, but professionally produced.

Lastly our story telling is not limited to just patients and medical achievements, but also the staff within the workplace enrich the culture for any healthcare facility.  Through our upcoming program Our Purpose, we can showcase the role staff play in patient care, beyond purely clinical care. We work with you to focus on the role and deeper purpose of each member of staff.